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Reimagining the traditional
way of understanding auto-insurance

Currently, the payment of an auto insurance policy depends on indirect variables such as your gender, age, or address, no matter how much or how you drive. The monthly cost of them does not consider driving habits or distance traveled. Causing, along with other factors, 70% of the cars in LATAM are not insured because risky or persistent drivers are subsidized by those who drive less and better, causing higher average prices for everyone.

Thanks to our technology, based on IoT (internet of things), we analyze the data of cars, being able to create products designed for the needs of drivers;

  • Pay as you drive; Variable insurance policy according to the kilometers the vehicle travels. The customer pays a base price added to a variable calculated according to the kilometers driven by a price per kilometer.
  • Pay how you drive; Insurance policy where drivers are rewarded for driving habits, where the better they drive, the less they pay.

By implementing this technology, we have achieved those vehicle owners with good driving habits and/or infrequent use of their car save on average 40% in the cost of their insurance policy, reflecting their lower exposure to risk. And therefore, it allows that even at these prices, this is a good deal for insurers.

This car insurance type has been growing very fast. Jooycar has multiplied by 10 in the last three years, and among its users, approximately 25% never had before being insured.

Together with our insurance partners, we have made auto insurance affordable, providing a great opportunity and solution to the insurance industry.

If you want to know more about our insurance, we invite you to connect with us.

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  • App
  • Sales Funnel
  • Portal for Sales Executives
  • Portal for After-Sales Executives
  • Management Portal
  • Billing Service
  • Logistics Service

The benefits for end-users:

  • Always-fair pricing
  • Real-time vehicle diagnostics
  • Safety alerts
  • Fuel efficiency reports


We enable sales flows for end-users or sales agents, generating policy quotations and payment method enrollment


Simple and easy web portal for managing the usage based insurance product


Agents have a CRM tool for after-sales management


We make sure devices are correctly delivered to your customers, with a plug & play connection.


Each month we collect the policy fee according to the usage of the vehicle: pay as you drive or pay how you drive


A comprehensive reporting module & dashboards to understand your customers