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Data drives value

Jooycar has re-imagined the traditional way of understanding auto-insurance. Developing an ecosystem powered by telematics data to offer vehicle owners better insurance coverage, lower maintenance, and spare parts prices while enhancing security by helping individuals improve their driving habits.

2014 - Founded

María Paz Gillet and Emilio Figueroa founded the company in 2014. They named Jooycar, mixing the word Joy and Car. That was the beginning of our road.

We had a clear vision: become the fastest-growing Insurtech in LATAM.

2015 - Launched first product

The first usage-based insurance product was delivered to the market, partnering with Sura. In addition, the team developed its brand-new scoring algorithm.

2018 - Venture capital investment

HCS Capital Partners, a Miami and Santiago-based Venture Capital firm, invested in Jooycar, providing capital and strategic advice and accelerating LATAM and the US growth.

This year, Rodrigo Labbe arrived as CEO to promote Jooycar’s efforts to become one of the main car Insurtech in Latin America. He expanded our operations to 4 countries and led the startup’s arrival to the North American market under its fleet management solution with IoT technology, Fleetr.

2020 - Customer and Geographic Expansion

During 2019 and 2020, Jooycar experienced exponential growth. We launch our products in Perú & Mexico. And start working with the largest insurance carriers in the region.


We entered the US market and created a saving ecosystem in LATAM.


Jooycar and OCTO Telematics joined forces to transform the Auto Insurance market in Latin America.

The intent of the partnership is to strengthen the operation of both companies in this market, as well as offer advanced solutions and expertise to encourage adoption of digital processes to improve profitability and driver experience.