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Octo Telematics

The strategic partnership between Octo Telematics, technology leader specializing in IoT and vehicle data analysis worldwide, and Jooycar aims to strengthen the operations of both companies in Latin America, as well as offer advanced solutions and expertise to encourage the adoption of digital processes to improve profitability and the driver experience.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Our partnership allows us to meet customer demands instantly without the limitation of hardware investments as our business scales. Key AWS services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon ECS, AWS Fargate, and AWS Lambda have been central to our operations, complemented by Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS, and Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose. AWS has supported us to grow without limits, adapting to the volume and needs of our customers.


Asociación de Insurtech de Chile

Insurte Chile unites key players in insurance digital transformation and fosters the creation of user-friendly, fair, adaptable, and socially responsible insurance solutions through technology for a positive societal impact.

Asociación InsurTech México

AIM was born with the idea of giving visibility to technological insurance models that meet the needs of Mexicans. It seeks to promote the application of technology in the insurance industry to generate a positive and cultural impact in the country.