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Thanks to our technology, based in IoT, we have designed a solution for small and medium fleets, called Fleetr. A management software designed for car owners, giving them visibility of their cars, drivers, and safety.
We allow them to save on the maintenance of their vehicles, through the data delivered in real-time, on the driving habits of their drivers.

Its benefits?

  • Simplicity and accessibility
  • Affordability and transparency
  • Ease and convenience

We currently have more than 1,000 companies using our software and an excellent NPS of 57. Fleetr has allowed us to expand our reach in the United States and is opening the doors to selling insurance in the North American country.

At Jooycar, we find a way to be profitable in commercial lines. Small fleets pay ‘large fleets’ prices but have a lower risk: fewer miles, lower-priced vehicles, and more experienced drivers.

It is an overlooked market, where we can stratify drivers by segment and according to their risk profile thanks to our knowledge in drivers behaviors and the data analysis we have developed over the years. Know, we are being able to deliver insurance explicitly designed for them.

We invite you to know the benefits of our software for small and medium fleets.

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Our footprints in the U.S.


In the LiveView map, you can see all the vehicles once they have been activated and connected. 

  • Live tracking of vehicles with minimal delay
  • Track both assets and vehicles
  • See where your vehicles are at all times

Trip history

Get a detailed history of trips, including starting location, stops, end location, time/date, and duration. And see places in trips where speeding, idling,  and hard braking events occurred.


  • Safety score is a calculation based on metrics such as hard braking, rapid acceleration, hard turns, excess speed in addition to others.
  • Efficiency score is a calculation based on metrics such as idle time, acceleration energy in addition to others.


With Fleetr, you have the option to check and compare the behavioral performance of the drivers for specific date ranges. In addition, you can view driving time, distance traveled, and both safety and efficiency scores.


A low-priced fleet management solution for business owners to track drivers, enhance safety and give access to better insurance coverage.

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