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“From the first day they arrived at the company, their spirit, motivation, and compromise were a reflection of an associate. Four years have passed since that moment, and we saw an incredible value creation, complementarity, and affinity with us, the initial founders. We wanted to take new compromises as the founder team to keep growing in these years that promise to be the best for Jooycar”, states María Paz Gillet, Jooycar’s co-founder. 

Recently, Jooycar incorporated Rodrigo Labbé, our corporate CEO, and Alex Horvitz, CEO of HCS Capital, as co-founders, revealing a shift in its business model. They announced this after the founder team, María Paz Gillet and Emilio Figueroa, and the startup’s directory considered them for this role, given their contribution to the evolution and development of their new business model. This input led to the company’s exponential growth and arrival in the US market. 

“For me, the invitation to be one of Jooycar’s co-founders is a tremendous challenge and a great opportunity. I want to focus on remedying the shortcoming that the world of insurance has in protecting private and commercial vehicles, improving data usage and AI to reduce accidents, and enhancing policy coverage. We strive to accelerate their development in the US and Latin America.” mentions Alex Horvitz.

With that said, and on the same line as our business purpose, Jooycar takes a turning point towards the social impact of their products, seeking to promote smart cities through three essential pillars: safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Through Jooycar’s technology, the user can learn relevant data about their driving habits. In terms of efficiency, improving them allows car owners to save costs on vehicle maintenance, fuel consumption, and the frequency of its revisions, which translates into overall monetary savings.

Regarding safety, they want to promote safer cities by betting on improving driving behavior that reduces traffic accidents. In addition, they provide real-time information on the vehicle’s location and routes taken through GPS, a valuable tool in the current insecurity scenario and the abrupt increase in vehicle theft.

In the field of sustainability, the initial kick was given by allowing users to access data on the tons of CO2 emitted by their vehicles, seeking to raise awareness about the carbon footprint around mobility and encourage greener and friendlier practices with the environment.

Likewise, Labbé spoke in depth with Diario Financiero about his joining the founding team, and Jooycar’s new strategy focused on the social impact of its products.

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