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“This new position is a great challenge I take with my best energies. It’s completely a new world from what I was doing, partly, especially in communicating with the different stakeholders, the whole team, clients, external people to the company, and even this interview. But what suits me best is the technical part. I believe that in my Jooycar’s journey as Core Developer, Technical Lead, and Head of Development, the technical part had a logical development, and this new role is part of this journey. All my positions have empowered me and helped me get involved and lead the IT team.”

Days ago, Adriel Garcia assumed the leadership of Jooycar’s IT team after 4 years of specializing in multiple technical roles. Now he expects the IT area and the technologies developed by the company to be a model in the IT world, even internationally. 

Something that I would like to share with my team is Jooycar’s values, the ones that I lived for almost 4 years. It’s something that not all companies have. “Until the last mile” to always strive until the end. That every team member feels like an owner, one of Jooycar’s owners, who can give their opinion and contribute without thinking or fearing being criticized. This is something extremely important, that I’ll bring to this new position and that I would like to transmit and keep.”

We invite you to get to know more about Adriel Garcia, our new Technology Director, who is not only passionate about the soccer team Real Madrid but also enjoys a good chess match in his free time.

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