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“The penetration of Insurance is really low in Latin America, it also concerns a social dimension. For us, in Jooycar, we believe that is a larger purpose in terms of expanding insurance penetration in the region. And I think that the key driver for that is DATA.”

 Jooycar was present at the Insurtech Insights Americas 2022. In this opportunity, our CEO Rodrigo Labbé discussed with great industry speakers if Latam is Poised to be the Next Insurtech Success Story.

“In auto insurance, there are a lot of people that combined the use of their own vehicle with public transportation. so they do not really use their vehicle so much.  And that’s where “Pay as You Drive” products come alone. And in our case, we have more than 25% of our users that really didn’t have insurance before. and that is great, because the fact that they are paying -40% of their premiums, and still being profitable for the insurance company gives them the protection that they need.”

We invite you to enjoy and relive the whole panel.