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With Amazon Web Services, we invite you to know the story behind our strong growth in the last three years. What strategy have we promoted? What tools have we used? What has been our focus?


“At Jooycar we are multiplying on average, every year, our volume by 3 times”. Rodrigo Labbé – Corporate CEO

“Amazon Web Services has allowed us to grow without limits, adapting to the volume and needs of our customers.” Gonzalo Vasquez – CTO

Discover our success story


“As of 2018, a very accelerated growth begins in Jooycar, just when we look at the end-user. What was happening was that the users of our technology were paying 40% for their insurance, and more importantly, 25 % before they did not have car insurance. The evolution of that model was fleet optimization software aimed at small fleets that can reduce their spending on fuel, maintenance, parts, and insurance through our technology”. CEO

“By using Amazon Web Services from our origins, we have the flexibility to be able to adjust to the demand of our customers on the fly.” CTO 




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