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After ten months of operation and with 4,000 connected vehicles in The United States, Jooycar, one of the fastest-growing Insurtech companies in Latin America, through its brand Fleetr, launched last week its commercial auto insurance product in California, “Insurance by Fleetr.” 

Small businesses that have fleets are often overlooked by insurance companies. The cost of insurance had increased by 14% just last year, making small businesses pay an extra $500 per vehicle on average. An antiquated manual application process along with long waits for a quote, and the sub-par customer experience are the unmet needs that Fleetr is solving with its new product.  

“Small business fleets have struggled with affordable, easy to buy and use insurance. It has been a significant pain point for years. Their trusted fleet management vendor, Fleetr, is now able to offer a solution geared towards their businesses with the same quality service  they receive from Fleetr.” Rachel Corn, CEO Fleetr.

Jooycar launched Fleetr, a fleet management software solution for small businesses, in early 2021, targeting an overlooked market within 4.5 million vehicles in the small service fleet segment. The software is available in all of the states, and it has been designed to be affordable, convenient, and easy to use. It has proven extraordinary traction and satisfaction in a segment that has less than 30% adoption of these services. The software allows fleet owners to have visibility of their vehicles, drivers, and safety, being an attractive offer for customers who have been priced out of the market for fleet management.  

The telematics used by Fleetr, combined with the knowledge of driver behavior and risk factors, enable the company to understand and stratify drivers according to their risk profile. They also encourage good driving habits with its rewards program “Fleetr Points” which allows fleet owners to access discounts on their subscriptions and other Fleetr products. 

By providing a simple and intuitive customer experience with its product, Fleetr has developed a relationship of trust with its customers that will be leveraged for its insurance product offering.

“Insurance by Fleetr” has secured relationships with the top best-rated insurance companies in the US that tailor to small business commercial auto policies.

“Selling commercial auto insurance in the United States is a significant milestone for Jooycar. Since we launched in the United States, we have designed a disruptive strategy, focused on offering the small and medium fleet segment,  a solution uniquely tailored to their needs and aimed at reducing their operating costs. We know and understand them, so offering them insurance is a natural evolution that starts from the trust, which is generally not the case “. Rodrigo Labbé CEO Jooycar.

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