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In this new episode of JooyTalk, our CEO Rodrigo Labbé talks with Jorge Aguilera, COO of Justo. They discussed the importance of the employer brand, the challenges of opening new markets, and how it has been to develop the operations of the Startup that is behind the scenes in the online sale of many restaurants in Latin America.

We invite you to grab a cup of coffee – with or without sugar depending on you – and discover the learnings shared by these two startups in the following video.



Initiative developed with Startups Chilenas 

What are the areas where a local look is needed? How do you realize that a same solution can be applied in different markets? How does that mix with the team decisions you are making in each country?


I think it is the closeness, the communication, to identify which are the correct instances to say: “How are you?”

How are we doing? It’s super broad, so it has to go with how we are doing with the clients. What does he say about this? Does he likes this or not?
I think that is too relevant; it’s the key question. in the expansion processes, there are no recipes. The only necessary recipe is to acquire talent that gives you the option to have more adaptation.


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