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Our CEO, Rodrigo Labbé and Santiago Lira, co-founder and development manager of BUK, shared interesting topics regarding Buk’s beginnings in the first episode of Jooytalk. Some of the topics discussed were the methods they used to preserve the organizational culture without being affected by the pandemic and the significant challenges of starting the company.

We invite you to grab a cup of coffee – with or without sugar depending on you – and enjoy the backstage of these two startups in the following video.


Initiative developed with Startups Chilenas 

It’s extraordinary what you guys are developing at Buk. You are putting technology at the service of making better workspaces. So, on the same topic, how been to work remotely for you? Has it worked well?

We measured work before the pandemic, and when we were doubling or tripling our size every year, it was not scary. We said to ourselves, “You know what, I’m going to triple my size in a year, and if we go remote, we won’t meet anyone, so how do we maintain the culture?”

We were scared until the pandemic came and forced us. There are two keys here in one way or another: the first is that we managed to generate a solid pre-pandemic culture.

The key to having a culture is to start thinking about the culture very early. Then, when you have 150 people and did not think about the culture before, you made a mistake because the culture gets life despite you. After all, you did not engage the people with the culture you wanted to have.

We, in a way, were inspired very at the beginning by guys like Zappos, LinkedIn, who were super documented as they had done. So from very early on, we started forming the culture that we wanted. So that allowed us not to be so much a pandemic issue.