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  • This is a unique alliance in the region, given its innovation and scalability, which represents a logical step in the evolution of the ecosystem developed by Jooycar in recent years. 
  • Through the IoT, the alliance seeks to radically change the relationship between drivers and their vehicles, allowing the delivery of information online, thanks to the technology promoted by InsurTech. Solutions to everyday problems like identifying the right time to change the car battery will lead to smarter mobility .

The possibility of obtaining information about our vehicles in real time is already a fact. Now, two major players in the regional automotive industry, Jooycar and Grupo Emasa, have come together to promote the vision of the Chilean InsurTech, to create a savings ecosystem where car owners can save on insurance, spare parts, maintenance and general consumption of your car. With direct messages they will know key elements of the state of the car and its consumption, such as the maneuvers that spend the most or the precise moment to replace a part.

Grupo Emasa has become a leading auto parts company at the regional level and, in its commitment to innovation and investment in smart mobility, decided to bet and join the disruptive proposal developed by Jooycar with the concept of savings ecosystem. This is why, through Emasa Ventures, the relationship was made with the pioneer Insurtech in Chile and transgressor in Latin America, Jooycar. Which, through the IoT (Internet of Things), gave way a few years ago to digital transformation in the insurance industry with “Insurance per Kilometer”.

Building smart cities is increasingly urgent and requires conscientious drivers. This innovation allows the analysis of data from the car to know the driving habits of the driver and account for how they impact on the care of the vehicle. Through a device connected to the OBDII port, all the necessary information about the vehicle is received directly through an app, which will help to improve efficiency in the use of people’s second most valuable asset.

“We are convinced that the knowledge and understanding of the vehicle’s data, on the part of its owners, will help them make the best decisions according to their own needs. Being able to save from fuel to spare parts. Besides being able to help them understand how their driving habits affect or benefit the sustainability and safety of a city ”, explains Rodrigo Labbé, CEO of Jooycar.

The union’s primary focus is to deliver benefits to the end-user and society through solutions for daily mobility problems, the response of which is obtained from the car’s real-time information. Good practices in handling through digital monitoring will make it possible to avoid excessive consumption due to actions that are not usually considered, for example, sudden accelerations or stops with the engine running. On the other hand, knowing the “health” of the car will provide greater security to the driver, who will be able to access direct attention from the expert auto parts company.

With a view to promoting this change in the automotive industry, Grupo Emasa, through its new investment fund Emasa Ventures, confirmed its contribution of 2MM USD, in the next Jooycar capital raise to be carried out in 2022. With this, both Companies want to change the current mobility paradigm for one with a positive and sustainable impact, which facilitates the user’s life through technology, improving the user-vehicle relationship. And that, at the same time, allows them to deliver increasingly personalized services according to the needs of the users.

“We envision a future in which the automotive parts associated with the data that connected cars deliver, offer users an innovative experience that makes their daily life easier and that, at the same time, translates into lower costs and faster solutions in access to spare parts and auto parts “, concludes Arsenio Fernández, Innovation and New Business Manager of Grupo Emasa.

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