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After evaluating an extensive list of Startups from the continent, the leading world ranking of British Insuretchs Future50 placed the Chilean company in first place in Latin America.

Insurtech Insights and Sønr revealed the prestigious Future50 ranking of the most important emerging Insurtechs on the continent. On the list, Jooycar appears as the only Chilean company in the top 10, ranking third, after their success in Chile, Latin America, and the United States.

“The Insurtechs are generating growth and innovation in the industry. In addition, they are redefining the role that insurance plays in society. We are excited to be a rising Insurtech within the ecosystem, improving driving behavior, reducing the CO2 footprint, and providing access to new insurance options,” said Rodrigo Labbe, CEO of Jooycar.

The list, which brings together the top 50 startups in America that are redesigning the future of insurance in the industry, was developed by Insurtech Insights with Sønr Global, the number one Insuretechs exploration and open innovation management platform in the world. In addition to the evaluation of a prestigious global panel of leading industry experts.

For its classification, strict criteria were evaluated, such as the trajectory of the company leaders, their expertise in the startup ecosystem, the impact of the product, its technology, and, finally, the performance observed through growth metrics, investments, presence in markets, among others.

In addition to Jooycar’s celebrated 3rd place, the ranking includes another Chilean startup in the 16th position, Betterfly. Thus, the final list contemplates six Latin American Insurtechs, four from Canada and 40 from the United States.

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